Sony A8F 4K HDR OLED TV Review – Sony KD-55A8F supports HDR 10 Criteria and Dolby Vision


Sony and LG are pushing OLED TVs at India for a little while today, although they are still mainly from the typical customer’s price range, their allure is undeniable. What OLEDs deficiency of brightness, they compensate for with blacks which produce an immersive sense. That is something we have been missing because the plasma panel times that are great, and we are now able to have slender bodies, and this, and of the advantages of HDR resolutions. It’s premium — although it isn’t the model in Sony’s 2018 array which are the A9F. It does not have a unique slanting stand just like the Sony A1, which we believe is a fantastic thing, since we favor this appearance of last year. With the competition in the TV market becoming the growth of budget gamers, and also fierce, does Sony have a benefit? Let us find out. It is fairly near a framework that is bezel-less, and might look good if mounted onto a wall. This TV has a stand that increases the device, when it is not mounted.

This may ask that you re-plan your own furniture or the positioning of your mailbox. There is a more bulky protrusion in the trunk for support, although the stand resembles a surface in the front. The TV is supported and didn’t seem susceptible to tipping over if we attempted although it appears minimalist.

As a result of this OLED panel, the entire body of the TV is very slim on top, but increases thickness (5.69cm) in the back, to adapt all of the electronic components. Sony has kept aesthetics in mind, and it has supplied enclosures for of the vents, together with cable organisers to maintain the back looking uncluttered and clean. There is only a grille in the rear to your woofer’s middle.

The remote is like that which was provided together with the former production of OLED panels, meaning that there is no movement controller. It is a miss, considering that producers are currently supplying that in their remotes that are most important or as bundled controls for their TVs.

Having said that, navigating the card-based Android interface is easy using the conventional cursor buttons. The remote includes a texture that is rubberised that is sleek and comments that is very good is given by also the buttons.

Voice controller worked well for the primary interface, and also we could receive the Google Assistant to bring movies from Google Play Movies and YouTube.

Sony a8f distant Sony a8F review

Sony A8F attributes and inputs HDR support comprises HLG, the HDR10, and Dolby Vision criteria . Programs like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix provides Dolby Vision from the box, rather than only’HDR’.

The panel utilizes Sony’s Triluminous color rendering engine to enhance overall color saturation. The X Truth Guru engine of sony upscales media that is non-4K. Upscaling is a characteristic for the flagship panels of Sony, and we’re going to speak more about this once we reach the overall functionality of the TV .

An extremely interesting feature that Sony uses on its own OLED TVs is its own Acoustic Surface speaker technologies. By vibrating the display itself in frequencies which are not evident to the 19, this creates audio. That combined with all the sub-woofer in the back provides you a system with no requirement for bulk or speaker grilles.

Sony a8f two Sony A8F Inspection In the end, there Chromecast performance to allow you stream media from any origin, like your smartphone.

OLED displays have a very clear advantage over LCDs in regards to black degrees. This is obvious when playing with video or possibly. Authentic blacks allow so colors are vibrant without becoming gaudy, depth.

We played with the newest Spider-man match on a PS4 Guru, which has been a fantastic example of this as it’s scenes with some fantastic colors and contrasts as well as a number of the very best HDR effects we have seen in games up to now. About the Sony KD-55A8F, it was rendered, with all the reds and blues of Spider-man’s costume delightfully from the warm tones of the skyline of New York.

In films and TV shows that assistance Dolby Vision, the HDR color tones created scenes look natural, without allowing vivid colours dominate our focus. Comprised Stranger Things and Marvel’s Punisher. We watched Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime, that supports Dolby Vision on the native program of the TV. The panel showed off scenes can be got in by it, which has been fantastic to see out of an OLED panel. The YouTube program that is native supports 4K HDR . That might be a fans considering you still will need to devote cash that is flagship-level . We overlooked the light pops which we have seen from panels that are brighter, although blacks naturally work nicely. When it at, you need to think about that a TV .

Sony does a fantastic job of upscaling and blur decrease on its own top notch TVs, which is quite evident here. Films from Google Play Movies and articles from YouTube did not look like eyesores. The output signal was okay to observe if you’re sitting over 6 ft or so. We would not suggest since the outcome did become blurry when we tried it, playing definition content, however.

Android TV is usually user friendly and supplies a card-based interface which lists the TV’s programs in groups. Amazon Prime Video and netflix come pre-installed, combined with other programs that are popular along with Sony Liv. Those which are not preinstalled, for example Zee 5 and Hotstar, may be seen at the Google Play Store. The issue with Android TV with this and on every TV is its own rate. The port is somewhat laggy and less responsive as we would want from a superior TV. This is.

The distant’s cursor buttons, as we mentioned, work good, however there are occasions once we’d like to rapidly move into the other end of the display to click on a program. Typing is more easy with a. The KD-55A8F handles to generate audio itself. When dialogue is spoken, it seems like it’s coming from the personality on the screen, while effects and music surround you. Audio was clear, along with the bass, although not heavy, was powerful. Even though there’s room for improvement for certain it would not be much of a reduction if you don’t have speakers to the KD-55A8F.


Once it comes to TVs, higher performance does come at an affordable cost. There is also a 65-inch variant that prices Rs. 4,49,900. Here is the price for what’s one of the OLED TVs on the marketplace these days, you’ve got to pay.

The OS gets the ideal support for popular TV programs, which consequently means you are able to gain access to websites in its finest available form. Sound that is Fantastic is a bonus particularly since there aren’t any visible speakers on front. The engine works superbly with content .

On the reverse side, there is the Sony distant, which is actually showing its age. If the generation is found we expect to find any innovation. While blacks are excellent, this TV can not compare to the brightness levels of opponents’ panels that are QLED, which can be important when you would like to have HDR content’s wow factor.

If funding is a huge concern, we’d suggest checking out Sony’s LED 4K HDR TV Range, that provides several of these characteristics at reduced costs.


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