Energy Sistem Headphones 3 Bluetooth Review


A casual glance through websites and stores demonstrates that there are far more options at lower costs nowadays. Riding this wave, a firm specialising in audio products, Energy Sistem, has established a ton of funding wireless cans in the sector. This set of cans is priced in Rs. 3,375 and will be shortly on Flipkart and Amazon. We’ve been putting it and this is what we believe.

Power Sistem Headphones 3 Bluetooth layout and relaxation

The cans seem quite stylish, particularly in the black and yellow color scheme of our inspection unit. The rubber coating above the ear cups feels superior and enhances grip. On the reverse side, the build quality is disappointing. The vinyl looks cheap, along with there are sharp edges anywhere and feels cut-rate.

The Headphones 3 Bluetooth may be folded for simple storage, however, the hinge over the earcups that eases this is extremely stiff and difficult to use. We emphasized that the device could snap.

If you would like to go old fashioned, the cans include a backup auxiliary cable which connects to the left earpiece. Does this enable you to use the cans it ensures when the battery runs down, they don’t develop into a paperweight.

Audio functionality isn’t exactly the same in passive wired manner, as it bypasses the electronic signal processing that’s implemented if the headphones are powered up. Many wireless headphones like the Bose Around Ear Wireless two audio better when combined with a cable (since the sign is pure) but the Energy Sistem 3 Bluetooth lacks quantity and fidelity.

The ideal earpiece homes a mike and three buttons to control playback and response calls. The buttons are easy to differentiate by texture, but feel fantastic. The mic is underwhelming. Callers complained that our voice came across on more than 1 event as eloquent.

The box includes a brief Micro-USB cable, the above 3.5millimeter cable, and several of decals. An instance of any sort is due to its absence, but that given the price point that Energy Sistem is currently targeting. The headband doesn’t have any padding which makes use embarrassing. The cans may pinch.

Power Sistem Headphones 3 Bluetooth functionality and battery life Highs are lively and crisp, and the separation of tools will be above average. The bass is punchy and regulated, therefore bass-heads searching for lows will not appease.

The noise distorts at high volumes, and there is a significant quantity of leakage, which makes them unsuitable to be used whilst using public transportation. Bluetooth loading codecs like aptX HD aptX, and LDAC are not supported, and it is a shame. The Headphones 3 Bluetooth did manage to this long, but with songs playing 60-70 percent quantity to close. The gadget is billed with a port situated on the earpiece.

Verdict The highs are sharp and sparkly and while the signature that is audio is unbiased, the soundstage is quite shallow and the build quality is substandard. The absence of clarity causes this set unsuitable for thickly recordings.

If you’re able to live with in-ear earphones, you can think about the superb OnePlus Bullets Wireless, that sells for Rs. 3,990, in addition to the Sony WI-C300, that is utilized for Rs. 2,999 online and provides tremendous value for money. Individuals who especially need to have an on-ear layout ought to have a peek at the Sony WH-CH400, which is available for under Rs. 3,500 on line and can be a much more well-rounded bundle.


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